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Andrej Pejic, The Wo-Man

He is pretty -__-
Andrej Pejic is someone that makes me asking spontaneously after seeing his “topless” image on a local magazine (an international that has been franchised). It is a free world already but a local magazine shown off a topless model on its early page? I haven’t heard any censorship laws amendment in this country. Then, I became more curious to find out who he actually is.

Andrej Pejic is a 20 year old Serbian-Croatian blood man. His mother is Jadranka Savic, a Serbian, while his father is Vlada Pejic, a Croatian. He was born in Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina), August 21, 1991. He has an older brother, Igor and is the last child in his family because shortly after his birth, his parents divorced. Pejic met his father for the first time when he was 4 year old and continued having a time together (with his brother too) for a month in summer time.

During the Bosnian War, he fled to Serbia with his mother, grandmother and brother and lived in a refugee camp near Belgrade. Then the family moved to Vojska village, near Svilajnac. Again, in 1999 the family moved to Australia as political refugees, it was when Pejic reached 8 year old. They moved because his mother did not feel safe due to NATO bombing of Serbia. They lived in Serbia until now.

He started his modeling career when he was 17. At that time he was taking a part time job at McDonald’s when someone offered a chance to be a model (it was a confuse whether the person knew he is a boy). The other said he was scouted at his school swimming pool in Australia. By then he slowly became the famous androgyny model and reached the top demand.

This is the picture of him in local magazine
Some notable (and wowed) works and achievements of him are model for both women and man of Jean Paul Gaultier (he wore woman wedding dress that later worn by Rihanna in an event), listed as number 98 of FHM Magazine 100 Sexiest Woman in the World which then removed from the website but not the printed version, model for women underwear and bra under HEMA as the brand specifically for the product mega push-up bra.

A source said he is just physically too perfect with his flawless skin, perfectly arched eyebrows and high cheekbones. It is very difficult to distinguish him from real women models. His problem is just in the shoulders according to Pejic himself. Pejic does not have problem being both women and men in the catwalk, though he said women’s dresses are way glamorous but he loves them and being a man-model is a little bit difficult because he has to be macho but since it’s his work he just loves it.

Pejic started to realize there is a gender limit when he grew up and he didn’t feel comfortable with it. He wasn’t himself until he started experimenting when he was 14. He has cut the gender limit, all his family and friends support him, even his mom is proud of him and his friends although do not seem to like but they support him. (many sources)


Post Script:
  • I often mistakenly typed her instead of his whilst creating this post lol.
  • I am a little unfamiliar with the name of cities in East Europe country and a little bit dazzled to just type a single word.
  • For me, his face is not that flawless like women models and if you look a little bit long you’ll find his face and legs are still men-shaped though it’s a bit blurry.
  • When I googled him, there are two keywords that already existed are “Andrej Pejic wiki” and “Andrej Pejic girlfriend”.
  • He is sexier than me! *sad face

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