Selasa, 24 Januari 2012


It is nice to see a postman passing by, riding his motorcycle with many letters he brings behind his back. A postman in an orange uniform, the real appearance of a postman in my mind has started to blur I think. In one side I love to have a not so manual life, but I started to miss some manual ways of life in the other hand. And I found some facts about postman, because while admiring a postman passing by at a tech-time like this, I typed and browsed.
1. There is a site where it sells postman bag. It probably a common thing, but not for me. I was thinking  that it is a stuff provided by the post office. Want to buy? Click.
2. There are some famous postmen. It is listed below.
    -Terry Griffiths, a postman who became a billiard world champion.
    -Ferdinand Cheval, a postman who spent 33 years to build a castle.
    -David Harvey and Neil Webb, used to be goalkeepers who later became postmen.
    -Raymond Van Barnefeld, darts player, his previous job was a postman.
4. And this is a statue made to respect postman by Erminio Blotta.
Estatua El Cartero

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