Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Similar Case Different Reason

This life can be said as boring, what is so boring about? It is about what occur to people all around. From the pragmatic views, people’s life consists of similar things. We and they need money, love, friends, smile, and happiness so on. We experienced sadness, anger, fall, and raise. The conclusion is all that.

But, we have to know further, we have to put ourselves in other people shoes. Yes, things seem similar on the surface, on the outer layer. I happen to experience this (and thank God you give me a smartie to think and analyze about this).

I happened to do a fast today (I lost 8 days of Ramadhan fasting because of the routine girl thing) to pay for that lost. Honestly, I never felt so hungry if I may not allow eating or drinking for a whole day. That is why fasting or not is not a big matter. What becomes a big matter was I love to eat and make my tongue taste something in every second. Yes, I love to eat not because I often get hungry, but because I love to taste.

Oh yes, let’s say I am greedy. It is because I taste almost everything (in case of food), even the not matched one or the crude one. And (again) thanks God, I think further not to stop fasting in the mid day just because I want to take a snack break. I remember the daily occasion I see in the main street of the city, the happy and pain which come up together that reflects on the faces, on the moves.

The street-living men experience the same. I can’t eat, so can’t they. I may say that and done. But when I dig, I will find an answer that makes things look similar become totally different. The reason comes as a distinction between two cases.

I can’t eat because I am fasting, there is a ban, on the regulation, so I can’t eat. They can’t eat, because they have nothing to eat, they have earned but it is not enough even to exchange it with an amount of food. I have time to eat, it is just need a little patience. They have been so patient but they still can’t afford.

Judging people just by seeing the surface is somehow inhuman, because besides the pragmatic, there is process where the similar would be uniquely different.  

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