Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Life Said, You Have Dug Me Deeper At Least

This is what have been talked, told, discussed and inserted since I was kid. The struggle in life and the value of it. I believe you often heard this tagline, LIFE IS NOT EASY, LIFE IS UNFAIR. Yes, I may say it was not right before, but not now. Yes, life is not easy and unfair.
You sometimes see a girl with beautiful look, stylish, smart, rich, social goers, oh well what does she need more? Boys all over her life, everybody loves her and those all later make her come to the world of it girl. Yes, yes, yes that what’s life all about on television, on TV serial, on story.
Many will ignore this because if we see forward to any fictional story or non-fictional story, those all are not everything. There is a girl with incapability who can reach her dream. There is a girl with her poverty who can get rich. And so on.
“See, that is not the main point of life”. Well, you may say that, you may say I am wrong. But what’s incapable person seeks after all, an actualization where actually (and absolutely) also heading to achievement. You won’t be valued if you have no value on people’s eye.
So, this is life. You need to be something, whoever you are. That those are all said above are true we need them in life. The perfect one has smoother way to actualization, the less one has rougher way to reach it. Yes, this is life, you need to know the unfair is existed.

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