Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Runaway For A While

Well, it’s again I know I will face what called UAS, such final test on this semester and I turn my eyes from the loaded books of college to blog and hip, I am online. Some things in my mind right now, some ideas and solution appears out of the brain, but wait! I don’t know I happen to make a priority but it is such confusing. Time will not let me win and arrange my schedule well. It all happens at the same time, well I am not celebrity, I am the assistant of myself and I am ordinary girl who is usually just ruling life from school routines, one course or no course, extracurricular which happens to be a not routine since I am not so regularly coming to the activity, hanging out and home! But now, well these all are important, these are not taking times for me to act but to think. But the result of the thinking will influence my life as whole, yes as whole (not asshole).

UAS will not be that important if it is not giving the final decision of my first college life. But it is taking my time, because my score, as it is still an important thing to be thought of, will be resulted after whatever I do to the UAS. Well, I can’t deny that I still put score on top list. You maybe could life with bad score, so could I but there is the empty side. Score is like somehow image and wherever you go towards education, it goes with you. So, just think it of yourself, but yes for me I don’t want to see any bad scoring. Please

Applying for school abroad, no I am not dreaming of applying but studying abroad. Yes, I have tried some, nothing passed. I tried more and more, and now I tried (again), but the rules are rather complicated. I have to go here and there and I don’t know who to ask for, well not because I don’t know, but when I asked, the people seem not so really happy to help. And now, hello deadline

Where should I go? Yes, it is about my college life too. Now, the words “be yourself” and “don’t ever think about what people say, it’s your life” such become so important now, and now it is truly applicative. Since, I have to choose major in my department. Yes, it is based on your interest and your ability and skill. So, which one you choose? Pride, interest, friends, promising future or speculation? It is in yours!

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