Senin, 01 November 2010

Why chameleon is always becoming the example of bad things?

Becoming inconsistent is totally me, changing every second is always being the part of me. It is not right, but not everything seemingly wrong is always wrong all the time. I am truly in the time of unstable right now I admit it and the feel is getting boosted by the status made by a friend in a social network (I am sure you know what that is).

Once I opened the social network, I was seeing the status which in gist told about “becoming somebody who stays honest and keep your mind than becoming somebody who always change and like a chameleon”.

For some (nearly most) reasons, yes it is truly good and right. Being unstable, being not us, being followers, those are indirectly declared ourselves as the second of someone and having no stand. But for some people being chameleon is one of the most effective ways to get to what it called safety not only for the individual but for the whole close people related to the individual.

In my situation, I probably become so egoist but I say it is right to be chameleon as if you being myself, I know that I will live in the position where you need many networks then to be guaranteed you have to do something you actually do not really love with people you haven’t known yet, but they all have been known each other. Then what a fucking life!

When you read the above paragraph (only the forth), I have to remind that you have to go to the very first paragraph and the very first sentence which I have said there I am changing every second and inconsistent. So, it is the childish part where I want to be like this and also want to be like that. I sometimes feel okay and fine doing the activities that I said as “I do not really love and with people I haven’t known yet, but they all have been known each other”. But when I already felt okay and fine, the things just gone bad.

Back to the topic, yes I am sure you know how it feels (or you may not know, em okay alright) when you do something like I have described. But later, you will really need it! I don’t know, but I may be still the wrong person who says being like chameleon can be good, we can sometimes go when we feel not good and we can get back anytime we feel ready and good. I don’t know, it is just my thought, it is just my (I think) repeatable moment of life. Where I have to be something I am not, but you have to, because it is like a duty which will affect not only you but the important people in your life, but then you sometimes need cure by escaping for a while.

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