Selasa, 02 November 2010

I got the answer from the dog

These recent days I am so much in depressed or whatever you called it. I felt there is something not right inside but I can’t avoid it either look for the cure or solution. I sometimes ask, was it about friendship that I haven’t really got inside the new life, was it about the different environment that now becoming the part of my daily life, was it about the new style of socialization, was it anything else or what? I haven’t found yet. But I have been really not alright.

Then, yesterday I felt so free like nothing will affect my life like it will be just okay even at the time I will be hurt or alone the whole time of my life. I was too tired to think about what happened. At night I couldn’t sleep, I went browsing but the internet connection was not so friendly and I was not really interesting to finish the BUTT things related to the orientation of my major study at college. So, I chose to watch Hachiko, a movie about the loyalty of a dog to its keeper. I saved it on my notebook so I had just to click it away and it would play.

I didn’t watch the whole part of the movie, I skipped some boring part or a not so important scenes because I had seen it before. I chose the movie actually because I love the dog when it was a baby. He was very cute, too cute too be adored. Yeah, somehow I need to smile so I saw the dog. But then at the climax part of the movie when Mr. Parker, the keeper of Hachi (the name of the dog) died in his class I got something different on my feeling. It was becoming greater when the scene changed into Hachi who still waited for Mr. Parker at the train station.

To be honest, I cried. I cried not because of the movie but because I felt what Hachi felt. I am the dog and I am lost here, just like Hachi who lost his spirit after. I also lost what’s been my purely happy life. Though there is new life, it is totally different. Hachi is still kept by the family of Mr. Parker, but he felt different, so did I. The difference between us was he knew what he lost, but I was not sure. It was silly to declare similarity with animal, but it happened to me.

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  1. i can feel you :) the only difference is i fought back the feeling of losing something &get my spirit back. though some things may never change

  2. thank you! yes, i try to fight the feeling. because life changes. but by writing this on i can feel relieve for a while hehe