Senin, 22 November 2010

Grumbling Smiling

I am coming to the new world, where I expected to be fun. I applied to be a mentor for elementary students on a studying institution (bimbel). I applied to be a mentor of English and Math. I wish for any good things. I wish I could be a good mentor who taught lesson that could be digested easily by the students. I wish, I wish everything will be okay, fine and under control


The new world was not that fun as I expect. I found out that becoming a teacher, a mentor or anything related to give knowledge or information was not easy! Though I applied to be English and Math mentor, I haven’t told such any parts of the lesson to the kid I take care of. I shared social studies which actually not my skill, well I am varsity student majoring social studies but sure it doesn’t mean I am mastering the knowledge. Social study is so wide. Then, I realize I have no method of teaching (well, I actually avoiding this word and the similar, but I can’t take it away from this sentence). And the last, oh please what a mess class! What a numerous students with their run-chase-after-scream-keep talking attitude!! Argh, I should be here, God please save me!


I come back to class, to escape actually, but I found one thing-causes-a-little-smile-from-heart. They aren’t that mess, they are sweet sometimes. One of the kids writes down my name on the white board, hey it is not special but at least I know they remember my name. After class, one of the kids also shares his story to me, sweet talking knowing we just have met for one day, less than 2 hours. The good is not just person but the goods are people there. One more, the teachers there are so smart, yes I found out that behind my grumble. They can teach spontaneously! Great!

But well, I still on my ambition to go for another part time job, fire!

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  1. hahaha,anak sd emang nyebelin tapi di lain sisi KADANG-KADANG bisa jadi penghilang stres

  2. gue baru dapet satu anak manis dan nurut dan lucu dan oh my selebihnya gilaaaa