Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

So is she, but....

My sister has totally grown up! Well this mainly refers to one thing only not whole. She loves (or likes) a boy on her school. She told me every single thing and well I conclude that her type of boy is so totally like me.  Brain, behavior, beauty (good looking), bless, bright future. Eh, but she thinks of it when she is still 14! And I have this kind of perfect guy when I have reached the age of 17  almost 18. Crap!

But what does become the similar thing of us as siblings is we do nothing and just enjoy the show of him. Well, in almost everything, I admit that she is much better than me. I will get embarrassed as an elder sister then I will repair myself after.

May I praise my sister? Well, it’s my blog anyway. She obeys the worship, she is diligent, she can cook well and the food is delicious, she is discipline, she is cute, she is smart, she is easygoing, she is brave and she is responsible. Those are just some.

By those things-that-make-me-embarrassed and actually motivate me, I hope to see her act soon of having such boyfriend, sort of. What will she do? Eh yaaaah, dianye sama kayak gue. Well, not so important but, it’s something we have to think about, I guess.

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