Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

LIfe Lesson

I met my old friends today, not that old that we have not been meeting for years. They are friends of my senior high. Not all of them, but only some of them who are now majoring in Economic Faculty of Universitas Indonesia. I went to the FE’s library, it was not better than my faculty’s library but it was truly bigger.

I came into the reading room with Ivho and I met Fay (you may know her as Fajar also) and Doni. They are now majoring in management. Words like hello or hi was not really out of my mouth. I was just happy to see them and there’s hug between me and Fay, not Doni of course. Without asking, though I am kinda stupid I know that they were studying or doing some assignment (not an assignment, because it was like they opened so many thick and heavy books and more than one notebooks are written on).

Suddenly, Doni called me and he asked me to tell about my life in FISIP. Eh, where was he going to? Gossiping? Hahahaha, not really, he was going to make sure that FISIP is so enjoyable. Yes, I had just realized, he looked messy and in deeply stress. Well, I told him and he admitted it. He was in border of FE life, where study needs extra time, energy and cleverness.

Okay, it didn’t stop there, I was shocked to see him so in trouble, because I just knew him in lifetime before as santai, hepi, bahagia, belajar, pintar. Okay, so now is not! Honestly he told to move to another faculty, but everyone advised him that he was just too much that he shouldn’t conclude this fast. Then we got one quote from Fay in this deeply stress sharing which is, “we won’t know what we got is exactly right before we lose it and then what we will have just regret”. In Indonesian (actually she said this in Indonesian), “Kita ga bakal bisa mensyukuri sesuatu sebelum kehilangan itu, nanti pasti nyesel kalo udah hilang”.

2 PM, Doni had to go and now Fay told what she also felt inside related to FE’s life. Geez, it was almost the same and damn! FE’s freshmen schedule hit me right on the heart (berlebihan), it was finished at 6 PM everyday from Monday until Friday. Tuhan terimakasih saya masuk FISIP (bersimpuh). She didn’t cry, but tears like will just down if she didn’t remember that she still had task to do.

You may say it was only them who experienced the things, but not. The other friend of mine, a very great, smart, master of economy! He also shared the same things about his fragile and all the tiredness and the scare of holding status as PPKB and so many things, because FE seemed to be the place of all smarties.

Then I looked back to myself, hey what are you worried of? I have the worry of not getting high GPA as my status like forced me to get that, okay without any force, I do want it. But the things are I felt annoyed of being asked of my bombastic revolution. Eh, should I? I don’t think so. Sometimes people’s words are making me in anger. Oh hello, what was that? That is even not a problem for them (FE). And I have ever thought of moving next year to FE or International Relations, because I don’t want to be forced just because of my major.

Well, now everything is coming to be clearer for me. Why did I choose this major if I didn’t want it? I may say it’s my wrong. But then why did God allow me to be the part of the major? (Since I believe in God), God must be had his own goal. And now anytime I am in trouble, I will just looked back and yeah, I am lucky and I have the freedom to choose my life, not like them.

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