Senin, 23 Februari 2009


I had just heard a song in O'Clip from O'Channel. Titled The Man Who Can't Be Move sung by The Script. I actually do not know who this band is, but I think this band is a new one because they use a self titled for their album. And the nowadays mainstream is using the self titled for the first album. I honestly do not have a very good capability in English Listening especially song and fast talking, so I usually just take the gist or tag line of any spoken English I heard.

This was the first time I heard that song and I stayed to watch the clip because the vocalist is cute :P. And I have no straight intention to listen, but after I saw James Morrison's clip, this clip followed, so let's just see I think.

At the some first scenes of this clip, I didn't understand what he sang because his voice is rather nyeret nyeret but since he is cute I stayed. And do not value me as a appearance oriented, I was also attracted by the title. Because it's about moving and everyone has to move.

And 'til the end, I think I still didn't understand but in the clip, the vocalist can't move and he attracts the society that pass by on the road (He can't move and he is at the edge of the main road). Even, when the snow comes, the rain falls, the sun shines, or the autumn arrives, he can't move. His head full of white snow, leaves, dusts, and he just stays do nothing.

It leads me to see to me myself. Am I The Man Who Can't Be Move or The Man Who Can Be Not Move?
The man who can't be move is the one who is made to be not moved and he can't deny.
But The man who can be not move is the one who has choice to move or not but he chooses to NOT move.

**probably this posting kinda weird. Haha. Tapi biarin aja deh. :))

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