Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

Ramadhan: The Fasting Month

SMSs (many sms) had been sent since a week ago. Not just an ordinary sms, but sms to ask for apology and to welcome Ramadhan. I know that Ramadhan is a month when muslims all over the world do the fasting. But I don’t think it is just about abandon to eat and drink. There is also different atmosphere when Ramadhan comes.

Ramadhan according to the religious view is the time for muslims to stop eating and drinking at noon. It has goal to gain people’s respect of what they have because many other people are less fortune. Ramadhan also the time for muslims to be closer to Allah, God of Islam. They can do this by doing good things and worshiping.

Ramadhan according to my view is the time to be better. Where I can have some times to read Al Quran on higher motivation, see tarikh program on TV, get the cool atmosphere because people are doing good since it’s Ramadhan and have the great dinner time with my family.

But, college life ruins it all away. Okay, I do confess it is not completely and purely because of college, but the college takes the basic reason of why I don’t feel the Ramadhan atmosphere. First, the ospek thing is still working. This ospek leads the senior to treat us (the freshmen) like donkeys. They are shouting, hitting tools and becoming angry every second. They also give many tasks which make us can’t go home early. Well, they may close the ospek on 5 pm, but they give us task for two days later and the tasks are much and we have to do those in group, so we have no other choice, we have to do the task in a place where all the group members can reach it. And yes finally, goodbye good-dinner-time-together-with family at home.

I used to be a school student and I studied at public school. When I was a school student, on Ramadhan my school always provided time for students to read Al Quran before we started studying. School also asked the students to wear koko for the boys and veil for the girls. Yep, a little look like Pesantren. But it did creating different atmosphere between Ramadhan and other months. Now, day will just pass and go. I am even hard to remember what day is today.

I can’t ignore, this is the situation I must face this 4 years. I am sure I will get the positive of this situation. I just need to share, I am experiencing something different. Welcome college, welcome new life, welcome Ramadhan I hope the change will lead me to be a better person :)

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