Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

I Found Him, But ....

Today, I had a little conversation with an old friend on social network. She asked me about the boy she used to like (and actually I did like him too). He was our senior in Junior High School. After he graduated, I looked for him in any social networks and from any friends. I didn’t like him that much but I did not want to lose him, at least I know whether he had girlfriend or what major he took on Senior High School. But then, not more than several months I lost him.

Sometimes, I searched for him on facebook, I believe that he will use his real name and I do still remember it, his full name. But I never found him. I started to think that he has changed into ‘alay’ or be someone else. Yep, I did like him when I was still a freshman on Junior High School, 11 years old girl hahaha. I liked him because he was cute and kind. He was not naughty like the other sophomores. Yees, he is just polite and neat but not weird. Though I know there is no impact even if he has changed now, but I do still worry.

Tonight, I found him! Yeah and it’s shocked me. He changed and changed and changed and it was not him (that I knew before). Not the polite and neat and cute. Probably his character did not change, well I don’t know. But, I do realize the one I look for is not the dandy, like he is now. Boy in T-shirt and jeans is enough for me. Not a rock star, monk, athlete look. As long as he has the inner-attraction (I may say beauty, but it’s about boy), he will be just special. Yes, I miss the used kak ***** :)

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