Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

The Hero is Pong

Pong Hardjatmo, everybody knows him I can bet it. Probably most are our parents, aunt, uncle or grandparents. Yes, he is an actor. If you do still asking who he is, see Kambing Jantan The Movie. He took a role as Raditya Dika’s father who was paying more attention to the hygienic underwear. But once, I don’t think people still confuse who he is since what he did to the House of Representatives.

Yes, I do want to talk about that in this post. Have you ever think to do the same as him? Yep, we all have I think. We all just keep thinking and grumbling, but he moves. Though it is a little anarchic, but I just the way love what he did. I am not neutral and I am totally on the side of people who are not into those citizen’s “employers”.

Rebellious way has been the most effective, hasn’t it? It is because the good way is not effective anymore to gain the awareness of the citizen’s “employers”. Pong may say his anger has been on the top and he can’t hold it anymore. He was angry because The House of Representatives couldn’t handle the problems of this country seriously. Starts from the gasses terror, Susno Duadji case and also Century Bank.

From other perspectives, The House of Representatives also did not represent their willingness to solve citizen problems. If you still see children on the road singing hopelessly ( I think the number increases), then it is one of the numerous problem we have. Yep, they sing on the road and the “employers” sleeps on the soft, cozy and luxurious chair.

In the other hand, however, we can’t stop here. We can’t just agree of what Pong did but we have to take action. The shocking therapy Pong had given may become the beginning of the revolution. We have to continue by doing something meaningful. 

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