Senin, 24 Mei 2010


I swear I don’t know what title is the most related to this posting. So, here I am, write down a story or journal or thoughts -I don’t know- about life of some near-to-end-teenagers, The story goes on …….

One thing will never been left anytime I gather with friends, GOSSIP. Gossip here means talking about the fact of someone and um some non fact story, but will be clear soon because we truly search for the fact. And okay, it ends that way, without any special intention to ignore the people we talk or to make them becoming notorious.

Well, let me start the story. It started at a time I went on a journey with some friends, and we talked (read: gossiped). And anytime I said something non-related to love, it would always be ended to a love story of this person. Yep, and it’s not only for one but many. We talked about some girls and some boys. Who their crush is, how they tell their love, and problem around the love story. Okay, and I will just be silent of this, because it seemed that loves were easy to be felt for them and I was not.

Why was love so attractive thing to be talked? I can’t say I am not into that – I mean I love talking about this—but, how they can be sure, it’s love or just puppy?

Because it was my tought, I am not really considering anytime I feel something different to someone opposite sex, because at this age I won’t marry. And as I know, love that we feel for the opposite sex is for an everlasting love which fulfilling inside the wedding and life after wedding. So, I will marry probably in age of above 23, and I will truly consider love on that age.

Love to friend, family, etc are different, we can start it by now I think. But, anytime I gossiped with friends, the most common topic was the kind of loving opposite sex. Hmm, I’m not meant to be intervening life of others. It’s just my thought.

*then why did I write this down? Hahahaha, oke see you later goodbye for now :)
--maaf bahasa inggris saya kacau balau--

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