Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

You May Say I am A Dreamer

I want more than no racialism. I don’t care about the economic equality between people in the world, because it can’t be if the capitalism is still existed where money is the answer of everything. Why there should be a sentence, “How can you eat if you don’t have money?” it happens to be existed because there is a system which require people who are able to produce and process food to think of the advantage he/she could take from his /her ability. Why they think that way? Because they need to use some machines to produce food for massive needs and to do that, they need the machines made by the engineers who also ask for money by the ability they have. I don’t know how long it would be written down because everything is just started from money. Just how if there is no money? Do you think people wouldn’t want to do a ‘dirty’ job? I don’t think so, because people actually have a subconscious part within their selves which need cleanness. What others? Do you also think that people would die because there is no money? Again, it happens to be existed because people are already set to have a view that way. Someone has mentioned about people’s happiness and the relation to occupations. Let’s say Marx is included here with his views towards economy in his time. Where people criticize him because he just mentioned about his utopia about the world’s system where there is no class. Class is needed however, but not to be the distance between everyone in the different class. What makes people in the different goes to be in distance? Though it seems too shallow to be mentioned, but I still see money as the very best factor of all. Just give everyone the same opportunities to do what they are able to do base on something more than just money. Gah, it is such a shallow writing which needs to be improved more and more. It is just a thought of seeing money, a thing made of paper and ink, but can create a distance between people, causing pain and leading people to the end.

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