Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Letter of Adam

To see the world, remind me of heaven. To see the kid killing under control of jealousy, make me sad to be created. To see the chaos of the future life after my death, I regret that I may not educate the direct generation well. If I did not eat the apple, if I did not come to the wicked call of the devil, if I kept vigilant and obeyed God’s order, I might not be a regretful human being like now. Racism, war, colonialism, blasphemy, massacre, murder, corruption, domination, hatred and death would never exist. To see the world under the threat of destruction, what can I do? I hear the cry of the babies and child above the ground and the rushing step to avoid the army, I feel their anxiety facing the weapons and bombs even before they have ever felt the happiness of playing and laughing without burden. I never thought that the world I had been living for hundred years will be full of anger, selfishness and greed, where even the blood bond no longer respected. To see differences cause more devastation and less unity, who would not regret because you know the truly first reason of all that happen is yourself? If I could turn back time, I would just fix a single mistake I made that caused the whole pain that happened later. And no one will ever be hurt, no one will ever make sin, no one will ever cry, no one will ever die of starvation, no one will ever touch the hell. And also there won’t be this letter. Sorry for all the bad part of life story I had started.

Sincerely your great ancestor,


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